The city of Cusco has many interesting and inspiring locations that should be visited. On our half day tour of the city you will be guided through the important sites around Cusco. You will visit Saqsayhuaman an example of impressive Inca architecture constructed with large polished stones perfectly aligned with one another. During the city tour package to Cusco, you will also visit The Cathedral, Koricancha and the Plaza the Armas, with a final stopover at the local San Pedro market.


This complex is thought to have been an important ceremonial centre for the Inca city of Cusco. It is part of the “head” of the puma, the shape in which the city of Cusco was planned and built. The original walls were an impressive six meters in height, and yet another example of perfectly aligned stones that did not require the use of any binding agent.

However, upon the arrival and colonization by the Spaniards, many flawlessly polished stones from this structure where used to build churches in Cusco, leaving the current center of Saqsayhuaman looking incomplete.

The cathedral
The cathedral of Cusco is a religious Colonial monument of extraordinary artistic detail built on a base of a sacred Inca structure.  The Cathedral is the main attraction of the Plaza de Armas, completed in 1654, one hundred years after its construction was initiated. It is still a central area of worship with daily masses, and it now also houses much of Cusco’s colonial art.  It contains the famous “The Last Supper” portrait by Cusqueñian artist Marcos Zapata, with an interesting Peruvian addition to the dinner table, a guinea pig one of the most traditional and representative dishes from Cusco.

The name Koricancha in its original Quechua dialect, also known as “Temple of the Sun” means “Golden Courtyard”. It was the most important temple in the City of Cusco, in honor of Inti, the Sun God. The Inca empire itself was divided into Ceques, theoretical lines which segregated the inhabitants of the city according to their status. The origin of these theoretical divisions began at the temple of Koricancha in Cusco, to exemplify its central significance within the Incan society.

Cristo Blanco
If you look high up north from the main square of the city of Cusco, you can see the White Christ who is exactly as the name suggests, a white statue of Christ with outstretched arms. In the evenings it is illuminated and can be seen from any vantage point from the city center. It is a magnificent viewpoint from which to gaze upon the city, surrounded by beautifully cascading mountains. Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel is only a couple of blocks away from main square from where you can see this structure.

San Pedro Market
This is the most representative traditional market of the city of Cusco and within its walls you will find almost anything you need, from freshly cut ribs, chicken feet, handbags, weavings, a cobbler, fresh fruit and vegetables and much much more. It is an interesting view into the daily lives of the locals, and their interactions with one another in a setting that is considered normal for the locals from Cusco.