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Casa San Blas was first, just a dream: We aimed to have an old 17th century house restaured in to the traditional way, and at the same time have the modern standards of comfort and good taste. The design and building was indeed a challenge. We decided to use traditional materials, as adobe, stone, wood and leather for the building and at the same time include bedding & equipment of high quality.

Now, after a few years in the market we are proud of what we achieved: A highly personalized lodging standards and a succesfull boutique hotel with thounsands of happy customers.

Being the first "Boutique hotel" in Peru, back in 2003 drove us to design standards that would involve personalized service, learning opportunities, an architecture that is harmonic with the city and neighborhood as well as social and environmental responsibility.

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The Weaving Art

Cusco Andean textiles

We strongly believe that traveling involves a learning opportunity, therefore we decided to choose the most representative aspect of the still living culture, and devoted the design of our boutique hotel to a display on ancient and contemporary textiles.

We adressed to an accademic research done back in 1937 that brought back various aspects of the andean textiles: The techniques, materials and procedures still kept since pre columbian days but, furthermore we used the recovered ancient wisdom to design art works for every one of our rooms. The theme comes from the textiles icons wich arise from the hands and minds of women who develop their work in state of profound meditation. Each of the icons contains beautiful designs, but most important, pieces of wisdom that have been interpreted. Every room isnamed in Quechua after a traditional textile symbol, Thus, our guests immerse into the Peruvian culture through this beautiful and inspiring exhibit, giving them the chance of a unique and memorable experience in Cusco. Our hotel became then something more than just a museum, a center for the interpretation and understanding of textiles.

+ FIBER: Civilizations that had acces to premium fibers developed premium textiles: Such is the case of China (silk), Persia (Kashmire) Egipt (Cotton) In the Andes we are proud of having unique sources of the highest and finest fibers of animal origin: The fibers are hollowed to provide warmth and protection and besides that the fiber´s width goes up to 10 microns wide (1000 microns is one milimiter). Such is one of the reasions why Peruvian culture had such outstanding textile art

+ WISDOM CARDS: This is an exclusive cultural product developed upon the interpretation od 32 icons of the contemporary andean textiles, presented in the form of a "Tarot game"... learn more »

+ ROOMS ICONOGRAPHY: The design of our boutique home hotel also presents the traditional art of weaving. Each room is named in Quechua after a traditional textile symbol... learn more »

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