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Cusco History

cusco map Casa San BlasCusco is the oldest living city in the Americas. The first human settlements date back to 3000 years ago, since then, Cusco has been continuously inhabited.

Cusco was “The promised land” to the founders of the Inca Empire. A nation who moved from the shores of Lake Titicaca to the mountain valleys of Cusco in search of a more livable area.

In this valley, they started the most important political project of old times; a commonwealth of Nations that put together under one political leadership remote regions such as the coastal valleys and deserts (Chinchaysuyo), the mountain peaks and valleys (Kuntisuyo), the Amazon basin (Antisuyo) and the high plateau towards the Titicaca Lake (Kollasuyo).

All four territories together formed the Tawantisuyo (the four quarters of the world), later known as the Inca Empire, which at its splendor had 15 million people, a sub continental territory, a road system with over 15,000 miles of well furnished trails, an economy that allowed a great surplus of production and administrative systems that were so efficient that they still amaze everybody.

Developed between the 11th and 16th centuries, the Incas had its top achievements under Pachaquteq’s ruling (1400’s). He was later known for being the “Organizer of Tawantinsuyo” or the “Transformer of the World” as his name means.

Later, upon arrival of the Spanish, Cusco became the center where the two great cultures in our planet met.

In fact, the opinion of many people is that during those years, there was no greater culture in the Americas than the Tawantinsuyo, as there was no greater culture than Spain.

Out of this encounter, the world witnessed the birth of the “Mestizo” civilization.

Nowadays Cusco bears the pride for both streams of their blood.