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Cusco Travel



The altitude in Cusco (11,200 feet 3,400m) may become a challenge to your health. Therefore we recommend you to take some basic precautions.

    • A nap upor arrival.
    • Slow down during the first day.
    • Drink coca tea and plenty of fluids.
    • Eat light.

If any discomfort from the altitude affects you, please call the front desk, we have medical oxygen to help you recover. If need be, we can call a doctor.

Travel Documents

A valid passport is required to enter Peru. No special visas are necessary for citizens from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and many other countries. Before coming to Peru, make sure to bring color photocopies of your passport (photo page), to carry with you at all times , allowing you to leave your passport in the safety deposit box of your. Upon entering Peru you will receive your immigration card, also known as TAM, Tarjeta Andina de Migraciones. This small piece of paper may seem insignificant but it is in actual fact very important. If you lose your TAM you will have to pay a fine when leaving the country. On top of that, if you do not have this document when checking into hotels in Peru, according to law DL 919 you are not exempt from the 18% Government Value Added Tax and you will have to pay this amount on top of your hotelfees.

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Drinking water from the tap may not be advisable; more than a sanitary reason, it is for the mineral content. Request bottled water for drinking.

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Cusco is not an unsafe city, however it is better to avoid risks, by not taking cash or documents, avoid crowds, do not walk alone, and take a safe taxi if you need to go out late.

Money change

The market determines the exchange rates. There are many exchange houses in town. To change travelers checks may cost around 5%. Most restaurants and stores take credit cards. Take some small denomination bills, or soles for small purchases.

Foreign Currency DollarLocal Currency Nuevo Sol

Walk down, drive up

When you go to the Main Plaza and downtown area of Cusco, enjoy a short and picturesque walk down the street. Coming back may become a bit strenuous bill (uphill), so you may prefer to take a taxi. We recommend company taxis (they have a phone number on the sign). Rates are really inexpensive (one dollar per ride).

Demand quality; don’t bargain price

Helping the local economy includes helping us improve the quality of the goods we sell. Be demanding of quality. Anyway…prices are very reasonable to international standards.

Dress properly

In spite of being in the tropics, Cusco has mountain weather (rainy during the summer and dry in the winter).

Temperatures may vary from freezing point to a very pleasant 70’s within the same day. Most travelers may want to dress in shorts and t-shirts.

Be aware that temperature may descend dramatically. We advise you to take a warm jacket and/or rain gear with you always. Hat and sunscreen are “musts”.


Walking through San Blas is a rewarding experience. However we recommend you to wear comfortable rubber sole shoes.