Cusco’s History

cusco mapThe city of Cusco was originally built in the shape of a Puma, a sacred animal of the Inca culture. As it was the capital of the Incan Empire, its representation as a Puma aided to enhance its status as a sacred City, purposely built for pure Incan blood lineages. This was a power and thriving city between the 13th century and 1532, just prior to the colonial period. The years after the arrival on the Spaniards into the city of Cusco, Cusco itself became a visual union of these two very different cultures. The Andean traditions and the Colonial customs merged to create the unique atmosphere which we are now privileged to see and experience. An example of this fusion is seen in the stunning combination of Inca and Spanish architecture evident at Cusco’s every corner, from the central Plaza de Armas to Koricancha (Temple of the Sun), the Cathedral, the San Blas district, right through to the pedestrian avenue of Marquez. You can see this entire legacy that makes the City of Cusco one of the best travel destinations of Peru.