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The famous ornithologist Theodore Parker III, died with only 40 years old, he has chosen South America as his working field. He was a specialist in this part of the continent, spend most of his life exploring the rainforests of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, among others. He had the joy of remembering the sounds of wildlife and could instantly identify over 4,000 species of birds just hearing their songs alone. This ornithologist once said Peru offers fans of birds, more than any other country in the world can offer. Being here, I felt like a child visiting a huge store filled with new and fascinating games.¨


In addition, so many ornithologists worldwide recognized that our country has an incomparable ornithological wealth. With the help of research, they discovered each year new species in the Amazon forest and in the mountains and Andean areas. In one of the last count, they have been identified 1710 species, of which more than 300 are endemic.
The birds usually meet functions that are vital to our ecological system:
• Help in seed dispersal and pollination of plants.
• They control pests and role-play a sanitary cleaning organic waste helping conservation and environmental health care.
• They are very useful in promoting public awareness on conservation.
• Birds are good indicators of the conservation status of a site, through its study can better understand the changes that are affecting our environment.
Besides that, Peru is a country rich and mega diverse. Today we will talk about the birds found within the range of protection of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
Birds world known as the Cock of the rocks or Cock of the rock in its English translation, are near the mountains of the Inca small city. These mountains are recognized worldwide for having a high number of endemic birds, birds that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Among the 352,590 hectares, that protects this sanctuary, 406 species have been recorded and it is estimated that more than 45 could be added to this list. A very interesting number in relation to the small size of our world wonder.


If Machu Picchu is already a wonder of the world, imagine if you visit this guided by these animals with wings. Birding here is a privilege, a unique and unforgettable experience. The cloud forest surrounding the Inca city is prodigy species of great beauty and with lots of color; Hummingbirds speak, 33 species have been recorded. Among them they are: Hummingbird brown breast, white-bellied hummingbird, giant hummingbird (about Inca Trail), etc.
Also, there are varieties highly sought after by birdwatchers like the cock of the rock, the Andean watchmaker, Inca magpie, the torrent duck, the toucan of celestial chest, two species are also quetzales species of woodpeckers and nuthatches, 75 species of flycatchers, among many, many others.


Do not leave without feeling the magic Cusco that offers Machu Picchu, is a paradise and impossible not to visit and be silent in the presence of animals never seen before.