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The climate in Cusco is clearly differentiated by two seasons, the dry season from April to November and the rainy season that begins in December and culminate in March. Cusco's favorite time to visit is in the dry season, but here we will give very strong reasons and recommended by experts to prove that the rainy season is the best to visit Cusco.
The day begins with a morning mist that probably threatens to follow during the day, but it is a spectacular scene where the mountains seem to get lost in the thick white blanket of clouds, but as the hours go see that the clouds begin to ascend and obvious a beautiful Andean landscape. Clouds follow in north with the threat that provoke during the day pouring rain, but also from a hot midday sun and a beautiful blue sky is the hue to the landscape that will appreciate later.

It is when you leave the city and begin to see all fields wear their green more intense, the rain irrigates the fields, the hills and trails, and thus the landscape becomes very fresh and green, as farmers of the Andes have been prepared for their crops take advantage of the rainwater and the fields begin to bloom giving their best products, it is the time of the agricultural bonanza in Cusco. In the area of Chinchero to the heights of Cusco you can appreciate the landscape deserve a postcard, vast green carpets, crops of potatoes, beans, quinoa and other products which are rigorously worked and cared for by farmers who, as at the time of the Inca devoted exclusively to work the land at this time.

Thanks to this agricultural boom is that you know and taste of the best products offered by the Cusco; It is the case of the famous white maize from Urubamba, known for its sweet taste and its giant grains, as this is the time where they are produced on a larger scale throughout the Sacred Valley. The male is on the farm and women reaping the roadside waiting for you to bring the boiled corn now become "choclo" which accompanied with a piece of Andean cheese will be the perfect combination. Rain and thunder also allow at this time flourish delicious fungi or mushrooms, with which you can prepare delicious dishes like mushroom ceviche, the capchi mushrooms and mushroom omelets.

We recommend you visit at least one local market town where you are, there you can find the farmers coming down from their communities to sell their crops, rich fruits like capulí from Urubamba, fresh loquat from Yucay, small pears, Yanahuara peach, prickly pear, custard apple, and more which are a delicious dish that can not miss.

This is the time where you can also appreciate the snowy peaks showing its gleaming white and imposing, huge mountains of the Andes have been fueled by the same rains that generate lots of rivers and streams. The loud sound of the stream take you to a small river of very clear and cold that by melting snow-capped these waters.

During the course of day the unpredictable and threatening rain will manifest and we recommend that you are prepared with your poncho order to take shelter, rains are momentary and even may bother you but here we will give you the best gift. After the strong and unpredictable rain sun will come and with it the figure of the rainbow, a beautiful gift to end a day that you can only enjoy at this time.