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How we celebrated the Epiphany day

The Three Wise Men´s day or Epiphany; It is a global celebration that is commemorated every January 06 every year. In Cusco traditions and Christmas celebrations conclude with the Feast of The Three Wise Men´s day, this date represents a tradition known as the three wise men decline, a clear mixture of Christian and native religious; as part of the process of change and assimilation in Andean society, to which all the festivities are within the agricultural cycle. Therefore, those pre-Hispanic festivals have been adapted to Christian celebrations, because the Andean people is deeply devoted to Christ, however people can pray to the "Apus" and make their offerings to the "Pachamama"; as also it believed ..

In this context, January is a month with heavy rains, which represents an important element in the agricultural cycle, because thanks to the rains the land planted bear fruit. Therefore, from time immemorial, the people thanks to the arrival of the rainy season. In Cusco, January is also the month in which the baby Jesus descends from the heights; the month in which delicious dishes are offered for the land to be generous in giving its fruits, and the Three Wise Men delivered its present gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus.


Bajada de Reyes

Epiphany day in Cusco also represents a folkloric event that displays a lot of local artists in the staging live representing this important religious event; accompanied by choirs and other artistic demonstrations. This event is held in different places and parishes of the city as the traditional neighborhood of San Blas, the Temple of La Recoleta, San Cristobal, San Pedro, Santiago and at the same Cathedral of Cusco; where people are crammed for Mass carrying their “Niño Jesus” (sculpture of the baby Jesus) in their arms. The celebration culminates in Catholic homes around joyful family reunions; they taste delicious typical dishes and hot drinks such as the traditional "caspiroletas" or famous drink of milk, made with eggs, cinnamon, sugar and brandy.

On the other hand, in Epiphany day occurs strongly as a religious festival of significance in some provinces of Cusco. One very typical and representative is the Epiphany day that takes place in Ollantaytambo district in the province of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. This is a party where you can appreciate the dance, music, cuisine and other cultural demonstrations through the participation of rural communities as Willoq and Patakancha, who look for this date their traditional black garb typical red and who in time their representative dances; they make their presence felt to the people and rejoice to the Child Jesus.


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