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The festivity of the lord of Qoyllurit'i, or Lord of the Snow Star in its translation into Spanish, is one of the most important festivities and expected by the Incas and foreigners who visit us to see the development of this event and appreciate the landscapes and the majestic of the Apu Ausangate.
Fervent catholic and christian believers are enrolled and attending the shrine to worship the image of Christ martyred painted on a rock in the sanctuary ubicated in the foothills of Mount Ausangate in the province of Quispicanchi.

 Señor de Coylluriti 

It was in 2011 that the festival of which we speak, became part of the Representative List of intangible cultural heritage. From this date, this religious event has taken due importance within the community and now Cusco in southern Peru, the whole country and even abroad. People from neighboring countries who visit us to understand and witness the religious syncretism between the Catholic belief and the belief in The Apus and The Pachamama. So then, to arrive at the Sanctuary have to make a long walk from the village of Mahuayani to reach the place of worship. The road is not difficult to find, people go everytime, there is no danger of getting lost. All go to the Shrine organized in long rows.

 Señor de Coylluriti 

As is known, this festival takes the same place every year, but the date is changing. Everything will depend on Easter Sunday (Semana Santa). Fifty eight days after Easter Sunday, comes the day of Christ's ascension into heaven. The count indicates that virtually the day on May 24 will be the main day for the feast of the Lord of Qoyllurit'i.

Launch Party:

To initiate this festivity , from Ocongate come the authorities and various representatives of each of the eight nations of Qoyllurit'i : Paucartambo , Quispicanchi , Canchis , Acomayo , Paruro , Tawantinsuyu , Anta and Urubamba ; to invite everyone to participate in this festival.
" We want to invite the entire population of the faithful to worship our ' tayta ' Lord of Qoyllurit'i , but from now warn them that this year pablitos or Ukukus will be watching more closely the activities performed during the pilgrimage , not accept alcohol , we will not accept the presence of ' lovebirds ' in romantic scenes and above all severely punish the ' foreign friends ' who will make theirs the sanctuary "quoted Hermitaño Auccapuma , president of the 2016 brotherhood .

Warning for those who misbehave:

Finally, in comparison owith other religious festivities , in Qoyllurit'i is prohibited drinking alcohol and inappropriate behavior. Unlike the Feast of the Virgen del Carmen of Paucartambo, where people often drink too much and consequently acquire behaviors that do not go according to the festival . In this celebration, who are responsible for the care and keeping order, are the pablitos or Ukukus . These characters are the guardians of the sanctuary, faithful devotees dressed in long robes covered with wool of different colors to look spectacled bears. Hence they are called ukukus (the name in Quechua spectacled bear is: Ukumari). All those who ignore these warnings, will be punished with lashes for breaking the rules of the pilgrimage.

 Señor de Coylluriti 


1. It is essential to carry a tent, sleeping or sleeping bag.
2. Warm clothing (scarves, wool hats or chullos, gloves, sweaters, jackets, etc)
3. Nonperishable foods (snacks).
4. Hot drinks.
5. Shoes or waterproof (waterproof) shoes.
6. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, umbrella.