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For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure, Cusco offers beautiful landscapes and the chance to visit unimaginable architectural complexes. If you are someone who like adventure, Cusco is perfect for you. Here we provide some of the adventure sports you can practice in this magical place, finding extreme practices, adrenaline and new experiences, in the midst of the Andes and the jungle of Cusco, as perfect for adventure sports scene.

The geography and climate of Cusco have the best conditions for the practice of these sports. Trekking, mountain biking and motocross are a challenge for the height. Lakes and rivers in the jungle with streams ideal for boating. Light winds and atmospheric conditions that make parachuting and hang gliding the best way to feel and fly like a condor does. For these sports, we recommend you consider the time and dry, rain very important to contact a certified tour operator in these sports, you ensure complete safety.

Adventure sports we recommend to live in this article are preferred by many visitors and are these:

1.- Open your arms to fly in the mountains:

The Canopy Zip Line or. The Sacred Valley gives us the opportunity to people of all ages, to fly between hills. A safe and fun, the Zip-line has 6 lines or cables, from 150 m to 500 m, for a total of 2,000 meters. It consists of sliding down a rope safely without the need for any brake system. Who practice it loses speed as it nears the end of the cable, while maintaining its security.

On the other hand, since 2002, 11 kilometers from Cusco, the company operates Action Valley, with the idea of "throwing" people vacuum in the safest possible manner. Create a theme park dedicated to Bungee or puentismo currently it has cage jump highest in South America (122 meters high). From this idea, the owners have created the Peruvian Association of Bungee Jumping. One of the goals of this organization is to optimize practice diving, especially for security is concerned.

If you do not want to jump off, you can choose to do the opposite; up 130 meters with human catapult, also called Slingshot. This 'toy' traveler expels the air, covering the distance in just three seconds.

The sensation of furrowing the sky is exciting and Action Valley knows. also it offers paragliding, between 10 and 25 minutes. It starts from a height of 3,643 meters and reaches almost 6,000.


2.- Walking through the Andes:

Cusco is the paradise of mountains, so much so that history assigned gods (apus) each. To the south, the Ausangate (6,333 m.s.n.m.) is one of the most precious snow-capped mountain climbers; mysticism and magic imposed. Different operators offer their tour around, which can take up to twelve days of travel. Access initiated by the town of Ocongate and on the way to the mountain Quechua communities and spectacular views for your camera appreciated.

Another desired trekking is the path to the Salcantay, more than 6,270 m.s.n.m. This beautiful snow is on the other end, to the north, near Machu Picchu, which is why many travelers connect their walk with the Inca citadel. The tour requires at least five days of walking and you can appreciate the majesty of the Veronica, Wayanay and Palcay mountains, pearls Vilcabamba range. For your route can one shift and reach Choquequirao, although that hike takes more than ten days walk. There are shorter paths.
In the Plaza de Armas Route Antisuyu, rising in the east to the Temple of the Moon in one hour walk begins. You can do the Lares Trek (two days, one night), beginning in the Sacred Valley (Huarán or Urubamba) and crosses the Andes to finish in the medicinal thermal baths of Lares. The road to Huchuy Qosqo (small Cusco) from Lamay is also busy. Data history there the Spaniards found the mummy of Wiracocha.

If you prefer to rock climbing, the point is directed towards Cachimayo district, just half an hour from downtown. Travel agencies offer the service with spaces for 'camping' and a large rock seven routes of various difficulties. If you want to improve your technique, you can practice in the forests of rocks, inside the Temple of the Moon.


3.- The Sky Lodges or sleeping in heaven:

Seven kilometers from Ollantaytambo, at the height of the town of Pacchar, we can see 400 meters high three cubicles hanging from a mountain. That are there? Floating rooms in the most beautiful place in the world. His name is Sky Lodge or luxury hotel in the sky. It offers two suites (one is service) for up to four people in each. They are presented in a form of capsules or covered cubicles completely (transparent) windows allowing a spectacular view of much of the Sacred Valley, the Vilcanota River, the evening when the sun goes down and the andean night with a starry sky.

Each cubicle is made of aerospace aluminum and durable polycarbonate. They are equipped with energy by photovoltaic panels. The night has a cost of approximately S /. 999.00 PEN

And how we got to this unimaginable inside cubicle? ...

Sky Lodge staff has installed a huge staircase on the mountain, accessible to all and may come down thanks to the Zip Line (cable). They have seven lines of 150-500 meters. As you will notice in the description of this article; it is a totally different experience that you can live intensely the air of Cusco.


4.- If you like rides on wheels:

For adventurers on the wheels and the floor level, you have to get on an ATV. The terraces of the town of Maras (45 minutes from the city, on the route to the town of Urubamba) offer an attractive circuit mounted on this vehicle. During the trip they will delight your eyes appreciating the beautiful snow-capped mountains Pitusiray, Sawasiray and Chicon.

Scheduled tours last three hours and usually begin in the town of Maras (known for its salt mines) and taking advantage of the break in place, you can visit the spectacular Inca agricultural experimentation center of Moray. Another intense and pure adrenaline, way is to carry out the bike ride to get to Urubamba caves of Pichingoto. This stop will let you know as today entire families still inhabit huge caves, formed due to erosion of the hills and rocks. They do not have the basic services of habitability, however as almost comfortably accommodate, coming inhabiting these peculiar spaces for some years. It has become another of the interesting attractions in the area.

During the route you will continue delighting your eyes with the spectacular Inca agricultural terraces, beautiful fields and picturesque villages. The walk takes five hours and have an average price of S /. 200.00 PEN.


5.- Do you want to increase your adrenaline and master the currents?

The Sacred Valley was formed in part due to the strength and persistence of the Vilcanota River. The Incas had it as the centerpiece of his administration and believed it was the earthly representation of the Milky Way, called in Quechua Wilcamayu or Sacred river. Today it is still considered as part of the productive force in the region. To the northern part of the Valley, you can still sail on its waters. Several operators offer river trips for beginners and advanced.

Towards the town of Ollantaytambo have levels of fast navigation between II and III, accessible to all. To Chuquicahuana in level rises to a grade IV. The best sections are recommended Huambutío / Pisac and Calca-Huarán. It is also possible to browse the Urcos route to San Salvador or Ollantaytambo; It is undergoing rapid strong level of navigation, class III that includes waves and small whirlpools.

The Apurimac River, Andean origin of the Amazon River; It has another level of difficulty and attracts athletes from around the world with fast navigation levels, grade IV. It is recommended to navigate between the months of May and October, because from November to March rainy season becomes. All experiences of adrenaline sports that you mentioned in this article interesting and captivating; They are completely exciting, intense, like magic. Visiting Cusco and its many wonders how are you; You can check living each of these extreme experiences that will be awakening your senses.