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The beginning of the New Year has special meaning for different cultures. This is a place full of history and traditions time and although most of us celebrate and we set goals for the New Year, very few people know what is behind the celebrations and purposes, and probably that few people know the different ways where the New Year is received in different cultures.

The New Year celebration goes back to 4000 years ago. The festival began in ancient Babylon (now Iraq) around 2000 BC. In Cusco and the world, we are a few days to welcome the year 2016 and then say goodbye to the old year 2015. This festival as one of the main celebrations in the world, does not stop be less important; It is so million people worldwide have the custom to celebrate the night of December 31.


People renew or confirm its plans, purposes, promises etc. For every culture in the world the beginning of a new year has a particular and distinct implication but at the same time and similarly each year receives in different ways.

Such is the case of Cusco is represented by its people with outgoing, full of hope and enthusiasm, who celebrated the New Year gathered in the square, thousands of people and a mix of different nationalities and cultures who infected by the own energy from this date; everyone holding hands and embraced as a symbol of love, peace and friendship, run three laps around the square, psyched your wishes, desires and what they expect to receive next year. After this peculiar way, all the people go to different nightclubs with the purpose of do not detach from the lively and innovative spirit that these dates may inspire in the hearts of those who enjoy the New Year in Cusco.

During this time the people of Cusco have acquired customs and traditions of religious, social, etc. which they have become a set of places of cultural type that identify the inhabitants. For example the belief to wear garments of yellow at midnight; housing decoration with vases full of beautiful yellow flowers, carry in the pockets lentils; eat 12 grapes at midnight making a wish for each, etc.; with the desire to bring good luck and fortune. Others enjoy this time of spiritual way, going to a religious temple, being part of a vigil after midnight to get in touch with God. Other people perform rituals mystical and spiritual kind, with ceremonies of thanks are offered to Mother Earth (Pachamama) for the fruits that gives us throughout the year. These and other human manifestations have become part of a popular tradition that have enriched the culture of our country.


Living the New Year in Cusco, between joy and hospitality of its people, including rituals, customs, music and dance, between mysticism and spiritual energy, between history and culture; make this important festival in the world calendar; an unforgettable and enriching experience that will have been worth living.