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Peruvian vicunas, alpacas and llamas are animals with great value. Currently their wool is very used for the production of textiles, mostly clothing. Because of its great value, laws protect them from hunting, shearing and subsequent sale of their meat now protect these animals.
The Chaku is an ancient Inca practice of confinement, capture, shearing and subsequent release of wild vicunas living in the place. The Inca Garcilaso de la Vega mentions in his book: The Royal Commentaries of the Incas "the great chaku that made the Incas Lords".


The Incas were owners of greater intelligence, every act that was carried out respecting the Pachamama or Mother Earth. Moreover even the animals, this explains the Chaku. A tradition that was carried out every three years in Inca times. A group of people in each village began to surround large areas to form a human chain so they can herd the animals into stone corrals. There the count was performed and the animals were selected which would be used for consumption and the other for the sheared.

Tradicion del Chaku

Casa San Blas Family has a longstanding relationship with textiles in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. This story goes back to 1937 when Delia Milla Vidal, decided to combine the techniques of contemporary Andean textiles with an artistic touch after publishing her book "Textile Art in the Andes."
Casa San Blas we intend to put our guests in contact one of the most representative aspects of our cultural heritage: The ancient and contemporary textiles.
Travelling involves a learning opportunity. Therefore, we combine our traditional hospitality with textile art in an educational theme. To enjoy the colorful design of the pieces of art that decorate our premises, you will learn about the processes, and be transported to a complex world of beliefs and Inca wisdom.

Chaku Tradiciones