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We are within days of one of the most important feast in the city of Cusco. Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel will give you a few tips to visit this village and appreciate the culture and tradition within. Impossible not to read it if you want to live new and unique experiences.
1. Provide Accommodation: Paucartambo is a small town and probably you would not find an accommodation. Many people there and rent rooms in the place or their own houses. Some families have unused beds at home, that is when they decide to rent them to the audience. If you do not want to acquire the services of a travel agency, this option is perfect.


2. Bring cash when traveling: People really only want to spend joyful and unhurried moments. Paucartambo is small, and there aren`t ATM`S around the town. How convenient for all visitors is always carry cash (coins and bills) preferably in soles and dollars.

Celebracion Virgen del Carmen

3. Prepare your senses: Is the essential element, and you should not leave it at home. The feast of the Carmen Virgin of Paucartambo, is characterized because of the colorful costumes of the dances. This, brings us a joy, because also the different dancers interact with visitors making jokes or posing for a colorful, cheerful and funny photo.

4. You should bring a camera: Since this festival is very colorful and includes interactions with different dancers, would be a sin not to have on hand a camera to save each image of those wonderful moments. Then we can tell our friends and family that our trip to Cusco was lovely.

Danzas Virgen del Carmen

5. Impossible not to visit the Mirador de Tres Cruces: This place is very famous in Peru and the world because from there you can see the beautiful sunrise. This natural viewpoint belongs to the Manu National Park. Located more than 4000 m.a.s.l. the weather is very cold, so it is advised to wear clothes that give us warmth, a sleeping bag and a tent. The first rays of sun usually appear at 4 in the morning. Then during the journey, different shades of red, orange, blue and white are appearing. Sunrise and clouds mixed to give us a spectacular sunrise. It should be noted that not every year happens this show, everything depends on how nature and climate receive us.