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Before I start telling this beautiful story about these animals, I'm sure you already have seen them before, especially in Peru. If you have not seen, stop for a moment, look up, look for the housetops, those orange tones tiles, and see a couple of small bulls made with ceramic (clay). Some use them as ornaments in the home, but most are in the ceilings. Crafts that adorn the houses. But that's not all, these bulls have a meaning for each family.


The bulls of Pucara represent prosperity, happiness and fertility. They are also protecting the welfare and good luck. The fact that each family put it on top of their homes is because they represent a family protection.
The bulls were not native animals of Peru, were the Spanish who introduced them to our culture. The strength of these animals surprised the villagers of Pucara, located 101 km north of the department of Puno. And so they put him immediately in their customs and rites that were performed in the area.

Toritos de Pucara

Thus, in Pucara an ancient feast of Spanish origin in which the bull was decorated, painted, put a saddle and a spicy frui ton his nose his nose. The bull, with wide eyes and the desire to want to get rid of spiciness, was very strong but not achieved its purpose. This image of bull fighting for its tranquility The image was set out in the minds of the villagers and from there began to buy it as a symbol of strength and protection.
From our terrace, a quiet place at the top of Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel, you can see a lot of roofs of our city, all end with an incredible view of the Plaza Mayor, stop for a moment on the terrace and look for the small bulls above the roofs. You´ll see many of them, and they are all different!

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