Cusco’s Spirituality
Cusco’s spirituality is one of the thousand of reasons you should choose Cusco as part of your travel and vacations in Peru. As Peru itself is considered to be mystical, supernatural and highly spiritual with strong connections to the natural elements. It is a place where spirituality and the connection between Mother Earth and the individual are considered sacred. The Peruvian culture, dating back to the period of the Incan empire, has had a strong relationship to the natural environment, the sun, the moon, the mountains and of course Pachamama, or Mother Earth. In Cusco there are many festivals and rituals that are still celebrated today and accentuate this connection, such as Inti raymi (sun festival), Killa raymi (moon festival), and the ceremonies with offerings to Mother Earth. The city of Cusco itself, being located high in the Andean Range and in proximity to the mysterious Amazon Jungle, exudes this spiritual vibe. Although Cusco is a city where the most widely accepted religion is Christianity, much of the Incan ideology and spirituality continues to live on and is widely celebrated.