Visit to the Amaru Community
Visit to the Amaru Community: Weaving workshop

The Amaru community is located an hour from the city of Cusco, close to Pisac, and the day will begin with your private transportation and guide arriving at the hotel close to 9 am. This community is highly dedicated to the ancient Peruvian art of weaving, and as part of your visit you will learn a greater insight into the process involved in creating one of these items. An expert will explain the process of sheering, spinning, dyeing and weaving of the raw materials. In Peru, Each community has its own iconography, through which they express their identity; you will learn the meanings behind the designs as well as have the opportunity to weave part of an item yourself. Also to make your visit to Cusco exquisite, a gourmet “campesino” lunch will be served, to be shared with the locals, a great way to connect, interact and be one with the Andean culture.

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