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TEN REASONS to visit or return to Cusco


For those of us who have had the privilege of visiting Cusco, the reasons are too many to return to this magical city whenever possible.

Cusco is not only the most cosmopolitan city of Peru because of the interesting mix of its demographics, but also because of the floating population it hosts (the thousands of travelers that arrive daily through its different air and land terminals).

Walking through Cusco is a pleasure, it’s a discovery, it’s an experience, it’s an adventure, it’s magic.



Here we present 10 reasons why visiting and/or returning to Cusco will always be worth it.


1. You will always feel its energy

When you arrive in Cusco you feel something special. Something that can not be explained with words.

Maybe it’s the excitement of reaching a long-awaited place. The memories saved in your previous visit, the majesty of its pre-Columbian constructions, the warmth of its people or the feeling of standing in the navel of the world … that one feels simply different.


2. You will never finish knowing it!

There is so much to see and so much to learn in a single destination that you never stop surprising: archaeological remains, natural wonders, communities with ancestral traditions, millenary rituals, amazing stories, magical places, bizarre characters, hidden places, lost steps. All this is Cusco.


3. You can combine interests of different types.

Cusco is a great place to do everything: start a business, receive training or come to share your knowledge, travel with your family, escape with friends, give yourself a well-deserved rest, do adventure sports or venture to do something daring, visit museums, appreciate art, breathe culture, make friends, lose yourself in nightclubs, become spiritual or practice your spirituality. The list goes on …


4. Everything is «handy»

Who needs a car to enjoy or visit Cusco?

Your feet are your best vehicle because everything is close. Walking makes you feel alive, especially when there is so much to do, so much to discover … every little corner becomes a discovery.

If the high altitude starts reducing you energy levels, public transportation is the best. Taxis are cheap (almost impossible to believe), the bus or the «combi» are even cheaper and come loaded with anecdotes, local flavor, folcklore …


5. Eating is a pleasure

Eating is a pleasure and the Cusquenians know it well.

If this is your first visit, analyze the behavior of the residents. Cusquenians enjoy coffee many times a day, eating in restaurants and, above all, paying a fare price.

Where residents eat, you will also eat well.

There are restaurants, eateries and coffee shops for all tastes and all budgets.

It is always recommended to enter a place of high turnover. It will not be difficult to know where.


6. Fun is guaranteed

You’ve already heard about the inexhaustible nightlife of Cusco. Its bars and squares are the meeting point for night owls who gather to plan the night’s tour.

From seven in the evening, around the Main Square, the so-called «jaladores» are responsible for distributing cards with free admission and courtesy drinks encouraging everyone to stop by their clubs.

It is always advisable to know where to go. Check the comments of Trip Advisor, be encouraged to visit the different fun options.

But, as in any parts of the world, try to be accompanied, because «fun between two is always better.»


7. People are very communicative

The Cusquenians are very kind, especially those who work in Tourism, which are more than half of the population (directly or indirectly).

Most of them practice a genuine hospitality that is strongly felt in their desire to help travelers.

The population from the highlands (those who live in the remote communities) who sometimes come down to the city to buy supplies or do some other things are shy, hiding a pure sweetness, especially the children.

If you see a native child from the Andes and you want to do something special for him/her, please do not buy him/her candies, buy a coloring book and some pencil-colors, it’s the best gift you can give them.


8. You feel belonging

There is a very Peruvian saying «the world is wide and foreign». When you visit Cusco, you realize that it is possible that the world is wide but the more you travel it, the more it becomes yours.

There is no traveler who does not feel in his heart that a part of him/her stays in Cusco and a part of Cusco goes along with him/her at times of departure.

It’s a special feeling that does not make sense until you’re here.


9. You live art everywhere

In Cusco you breathe art wherever you go. Its constructions, its music, its dances, its food, its customs, the magic-religious syncretism that finds no better showcase than in the plastic arts and crafts.

Give yourself the chance of walking as much as you can and discover the surprises that Cusco has reserved for the intrepid.


10. You get to like «the affection»

In Cusco you feel «beautiful». The Cusquenians are famous for referring each other with affectionate words like «cholito», «papicha», «waykicha», «mamacita», «reina».

There is no place in the world where strangers treat you with more affection.


At Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco, we are proud of our culture and of being accomplices of your adventure.

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