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Thank you for choosing Cusco as your travel destination and Casa San Blas Boutique as your hotel in Cusco.

We are honored to have your trust and we hope that our services will meet your expectations throughout your stay.

If you have any requirements, please contact our Reservations team (before your stay) and Reception while you are at home.

Please note that when making a reservation and registering at our hotel, you accept the following terms and conditions of our services:



  1. Casa San Blas Boutique reserves the right of admission.
  2. It is essential to pre-register all guests in the Guest Register showing their identity with a valid document (DNI for Peruvians and visitors from the Andean Community and/or passport for the rest of the world).
  3. When registering at Casa San Blas Boutique you will be asked for a credit card to cover incidentals and/or consumptions during your stay. When you leave Casa San Blas Boutique, the guest can decide whether he/she wants the charges to be made to his/her credit card or pay in cash.
  4. Casa San Blas Boutique check-in time starts at 14:00hs. Depending on the availability of spaces, we can accept to check-in earlier. We would appreciate if requests are made in advance by the Reservation team, to organize ourselves better.
  5. It is only allowed to check-in 01 child up to 11 years of age, without cost in the same room as the parents.
    This child has the right to breakfast. In case the child is over the indicated age, the guest will have to pay the extra bed concept, the cost of which will be informed at Reception.
  6. It is not allowed that the rooms are occupied by a greater number of guests at the maximum capacity of each room, according to type. In case the number of guests exceeds said capacity, they will be accommodated in another additional room, depending on the availability of spaces and at an additional cost. This information will be provided by Reception at the time of check-in.
  7. It is important to keep in mind that pets are not allowed in the hotel, due to hygiene.



  1. The guests are liable for damages made to the furniture, lingerie, equipment and other belongings of the room.
  2. The guests are obliged to communicate to the Reception about any problem with his belongings as soon as he is aware of it, as well as any damage to the furniture, lingerie, equipment and other belongings of the room.
  3. It is not allowed to wash clothes in the room. The establishment offers laundry and ironing services that the
    guests can request at a pre-arranged price.
  4. It is not allowed to prepare food in the rooms, except for rooms equipped for this purpose.
  5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms. Handling of smoke detectors is prohibited by law.
  6. Guests are not allowed to receive guests who have not been registered at the time of check-in. In case the
    guest requests to receive a guest, they will be asked to fill in the corresponding Registration Form and the
    charge will be made as an additional bed, at the cost that will be informed at Reception.
  7. Casa San Blas Boutique offers guests safe deposit boxes in all rooms, where they can deposit their valuables
    (money, jewelry, documents and other goods) throughout their stay. The guest is the only person who
    handles the security key. If you have problems opening or closing the safes, you should immediately notify
    Reception for your attention by a specialized technician.
  8. In case the guests return to Casa San Blas Boutique for a second stay, they may leave some of their luggage
    in custody (we have a Luggage Room for this purpose). The Reception staff will tag the suitcase and provide
    a receipt to identify the luggage when the guests return. It is requested that the luggage left in custody be
    locked with a key or security code. In the case of values, the guests are requested to declare what value
    effects leaving in custody (bar codes of equipment and/or other details will be taken to avoid suspicions or



  1. The guest declares to have knowledge of the opening hours of the following services:
    • Breakfast: 05: 30hs to 09:30hs Every day. Free service for guests.
    • Room service: 11:00hs to 09:30hs. Every day
    • Restaurant: 10:00hs to 09:30hs. Every day
  2. Guests can request a Box Breakfast service without additional cost at the Reception, the day before, in case
    they had to leave before the usual breakfast service.



  1. The guest has the right to request the status of his/her billing at any time during his/her stay at Casa San
    Blas Boutique. This request must be channeled through Reception.
  2. The guests may request the issuance of proof of payment for the services he/she pays/covers/pays directly.
    In case the accommodation has been paid by an intermediary, the billing will be channeled through that
  3. Intermediaries usually only book the accommodation service. The food services requested through an
    intermediary, presuppose a prior and specific reservation for that concept.
  4. Casa San Blas Boutique, also has the right to demand payment of services, giving timely notice to the
  5. Guests can pay for services using credit and/or debit cards and/or cash. Other means of payment will be
    accepted at the establishment’s discretion.
  6. If the guests choose to pay in cash, please note that it can be made in Local Currency (at the exchange rate
    of the day) or in US Dollars. If they make the payment in US Dollars, please use bills in good condition. In
    Peru, broken, crumpled or stained bills are not accepted by banks or financial institutions and in shops.
  7. At the time of billing, in case of economic insolvency by the guest, the establishment is authorized to retain
    the belongings of the guest to cover the payment of the accommodation.
  8. In accordance with Peruvian tax laws, Peruvian citizens (and foreigners who stay more than 59 days in Peru)
    must pay a supplement of 18% for General Sales Tax.



  1. 26. The time set for the Check-out is 10:00hs. However at the request of the guest and according to the
    availability of rooms, it will be possible to extend the check-out time of the guests at no additional cost. We
    suggest to make the request at Reception at least one day before departure.
  2. Guests are required to remove all their belongings when they leave the room. In case the guests leave
    something forgotten will proceed to:
    • Give notice of the forgotten belongings to the intermediary in exchange for the reservation.
    • Give notice of the forgotten belongings to the guest via email.
    If there is no response from the guest, the forgotten belongings will remain in the custody of Casa San Blas
    Boutique for 90 days, after which they will be used for charity.



  1. The establishment has the right to demand the removal of the guest who performs or promotes acts
    contrary to the tranquility of the establishment, morale or public order. It may also be requested to
    withdraw from the establishment to guests who carry drugs or consume them inside the establishment or
    that as a result of them break the harmony of the establishment and/or disturb other guests.
  2. If the possession of narcotic drugs or weapons that are dangerous to the guests or staff of the
    establishment is verified, the Management will act immediately giving notice to the National Police.


In case you need anty further information, please feel fre to contact us through the e-mail address sales1@casasanblas.com


Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco

Casa San Blas:
Inversiones Hoteleras Planeta Tierra SAC
RUC 20502203208

Address Peru:
Tocuyeros 556 Cuesta de San Blas, Cusco - Peru
Telephone numbers:
Reservations:  +51 984 033 770
Whats App: +51 984 033 770

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