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NATURAL IS BESTWe have inherited a rugged and fertile land able to nourish both our body and spirit.
Since ancient times, Andean people have venerated Mother Earth, known as Pachamama in the Quechua language. Through her bounty, she gives us countless products that feed and restore our body.

We have installed a hot drinks stand where we offer herbal teas (infusions) made from herbs grown and harvested in our own gardens, and packaged by our own artisanal team to the highest natural and hygiene standards, with no chemical additives.

We follow our grandparents’ recipes. They maintained a close relationship with Pachamama, and they knew how to create perfect combinations to care for the human body.

  • Herbal tea for altitude sickness: The active ingredients of the coca leaf (stimulant), lemon verbena (digestive) and lemon balm (bronchodilator) are blended in this excellent remedy for the symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Digestive herbal tea: This blend of the flavors and aromas of peppermint and Andean muña is the perfect way to improve digestion.
  • Energizing herbal tea: This blend of mint, ginger and peppermint awakens the senses, providing the energy needed to enjoy your stay in our city.
  • Relaxing herbal tea: This combination of chamomile and valerian produces a relaxing effect which will help you enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep.
  • Herbal tea flu treatment: This herbal tea contains eucalyptus, scorzonera and oregano, and it helps to boost the immune system and fight respiratory infections. The tea is served with honey and lemon juice.

This is an exclusive product of Casa San Blas Boutique and it is available for our guests during their stay.
This infusions are also available for sale for those guests who would like to take a souvenir.

Address Peru:
Tocuyeros 556 Cuesta de San Blas, Cusco - Peru
Telephone numbers:
Reservations:  +51 984 033 770
Whats App: +51 984 033 770

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