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If you are around the Main Square of Cusco and want to go back to the hotel, a short and peaceful walk through the streets we will describe bellow will take you less than 20 min.

Please start your walk at the left side of the Cathedral of Cusco.

Lets talk about the stories behind the names of these streets your will go through. These are stories that only few know about.


Calle Triunfo – Triunfo Street:

In memorial to the entrance to the image of Virgin Mary together with the image of Santiago Apostol to the Kuntur Wasi Inca Palace, where the Inca Emperor Manco Capac resisted with 40,000 indigenous, the Spanish built a first temple which they call The Triumph Temple and ordered the construction of an altar made of rose-stone named Diorita.


Calle Triunfo Cusco


Calle Hatun Rumiyoq – Hatun Rumiyoq Street:

At the very beginning of this street, on the right hand side there is a magnificent house with a stone entrance with a great wood balcony. This building is now the Museum of the Archbishop Palace. People say that there is gold berried inside… In the middle of the Street we can see the remains of the Inca Roca Palace, another Inca emperor, and over one of its walls is it located the famous Twelve-angles Stone, where many visitor stop by to take a picture.


calle hatun rumiyoq


Cuesta San Blas – San Blas Hill

This is the name of the street that take us up to the hill and starts at Choque Chaqa street and finished at San Blas square. Al the middle of the street, on the right hand side, we can find Casa Huerta or Phaqchayoq. In this house the stories tell that there was a fountain until 1910.


cuesta san blas


Calle Tocuyeros – Tocuyeros Street:

On the right hand side of Cuesta San Blas, there is a small street called Tocuyeros were Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco is situated. This street honors the work of the artisans that during the Colonial times produce a fine, strong and inexpensive fabric called Tocuyo, produced in different colors by using very imaginative weaving wood machines.


calle tocuyeros
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