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TWELVE DISHES: A tradition of Easter, in Cusco


It is well known that Peruvians love good food and every moment serves as an excellent reason to enjoy this earthly pleasure.

The celebration of Easter could not stop being the perfect excuse to meet with family and friends to taste the seasoning of grandmothers with their delicious dishes and surreal desserts which elevate us to heaven.

If you have the opportunity to be in Cusco during Easter and have family or friends settled in the area, it is an excellent time for a visit.




During the Holy Thursday, families get involved in a symphony of aromas, noise of pots and heat of stoves to prepare the most delicious dishes that will be savored during lunch.

As tradition dictates, the dishes are prepared based on white meats and desserts of seasonal fruits.

Among the most popular dishes are: corn consommé, shrimp chowder, Biscay cod, baked guinea pig, vegetable croquettes, red hot chili pepper soufflé, potato cake, apple or peach compote, medlar candy, corn-cakes, empanadas, etc.




The «mantel largo» (or long table cloth), a popular expression for gala dinners because this custom commemorates the Last Supper and the twelve dishes are eaten in honor of the twelve apostles, is a must.

Food is plentiful and waste is not allowed, so the leftovers are saved for lunch the next day (Good Friday), fasting day until noon when our «humble» earthly condition is unleashed again.

Cusco lives in its traditions and at Casa San Blas Boutique we are honored to be ambassadors of our local culture.
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