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AltitudeAltitudes are a health challenge for all people and the city of Cusco is located almost 3,400 meters above sea level.
This change of environment implies a change in the body’s barometric pressure and in the concentration of oxygen you’re breathing. These changes have two different effects: on one hand, your body’s cells swell, making you feel uncomfortable, which you can fight by drinking plenty of fluids. One the other hand, since the oxygen is 15% less than at sea level, your body begins to produce more red blood cells.

Altitude sickness is characterized by small headaches, nausea or vomiting, or something more complex, including pulmonary or cerebral edema. This can be avoided. A period of normal altitude adaptation occurs on the second day, so at this time we recommend low physical activity, resting, eating lightly and drinking plenty of water. When you eat a lot during your first few days at high altitudes, your system requires a lot of oxygen to process the food, which is taken from your muscles; that’s why you feel fatigue and headache. If you don’t overwork your body, altitude sickness shouldn’t be a problem.

Follow the tips and your stay in our beautiful city won’t have any setbacks.
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