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Welcome to Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco Peru’s first boutique hotel.When we developed the idea of our hotel, we focused on a set of important concepts designed to conserve a sense of harmony with the traditional character of the San Blas neighborhood, send a message to the world about our culture and customs, provide meticulous service, and ensure continued improvement based absolute commitment to our guests.

We can now proudly affirm that year after year Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco has developed to become a better place to stay and to work.

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Guest: Muchocesped

Country: Madrid, Spain

Wrote a review Apr 2019

Cozy and welcoming

Really nice staff and cozy decor. If you are lucky and get the room at the top floor (big and spacious) you will have stunning views of the city! Really impressive. A plus is the neighborhood where it is located and how close it is to the center. Breakfast is also really good. Highly recommend this place.



Location9Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco is situated in the heart of the city’s historic center, in an area known as the “artisans’ quarter”, just two and a half blocks from the Plaza de Armas, where at every step there are art galleries, souvenir stores and handcraft workshops, all of which warmly receive visitors, keen to show their work and teach travelers more about the syncretism of Spanish and Inca cultures. San Blas is also remarkable for the range of restaurants, cafés, cake shops and bars it is home to.Read More
Personalized serviceHotel Personalized serviceWe honor our traditions and our culture, and with this in mind we make every effort to ensure that our team is genuinely hospitable at all times. The resulting homely atmosphere means that every guest will feel they have received respectful, courteous and meticulous service, as we strive to anticipate their needs and surpass their expectations. We do everything possible to make sure guests feel at home, no matter how far from home they are.Read More
Natural is bestNATURAL IS BESTWe have inherited a rugged and fertile land able to nourish both our body and spirit. Since ancient times, Andean people have venerated Mother Earth, known as Pachamama in the Quechua language. Through her bounty, she gives us countless products that feed and restore our body. We have installed a hot drinks stand where we offer herbal teas (infusions) made from herbs grown and harvested in our own gardens, and packaged by our own artisanal team to the highest natural and hygiene standards, with no chemical additives. We follow our grandparents’ recipes. They maintained a close relationship with Pachamama, and they knew how to create perfect combinations to care for the human body.
  • Herbal tea for altitude sickness: The active ingredients of the coca leaf (stimulant), lemon verbena (digestive) and lemon balm (bronchodilator) are blended in this excellent remedy for the symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Digestive herbal tea: This blend of the flavors and aromas of peppermint and Andean muña is the perfect way to improve digestion.
  • Energizing herbal tea: This blend of mint, ginger and peppermint awakens the senses, providing the energy needed to enjoy your stay in our city.
  • Relaxing herbal tea: This combination of chamomile and valerian produces a relaxing effect which will help you enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep.
  • Herbal tea flu treatment: This herbal tea contains eucalyptus, scorzonera and oregano, and it helps to boost the immune system and fight respiratory infections. The tea is served with honey and lemon juice.

This is an exclusive product of Casa San Blas Boutique and it is available for our guests during their stay. This infusions are also available for sale for those guests who would like to take a souvenir.

Read More
Excellent viewsExcellent viewsOur hotel offers privileged views of the Cusco city. The hotel’s third-floor terrace is a space reserved to offer our guests a magnificent view of the city. The suites are located in this part of the hotel, and they also offer guests excellent views of the bell towers of nearby churches and the typical red-tiled roofs of local Andean architecture.Read More
Excellent breakfastExcellent breakfastOur meals services have always been warmly appreciated by our guests. Our use of fresh, natural produce comes as a pleasant surprise to our guests. At Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco, we believe there is no better way to serve our guests than offering them the very best of our agricultural products. Our fruit preserves, for example, are homemade using our grandparents’ recipes and they contain no artificial preservatives or colorants, ensuring a unique and natural flavor. Our breakfasts have received very positive comments on TripAdvisor, which we are proud to mention and share.Read More
Pure oxygen free of chargePure oxygen free of chargeFor those guests who have difficulty getting used to the altitude, we have oxygen bottles available free of charge to help travelers enjoy to the full their experience in the land of the Incas.Read More
Added cultural value9Deeply-rooted in Andean traditions, Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco has incorporated local textile art into its interior design. At Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco guests can learn more about our ancestral weaving tradition. A series of photographs, drawings and informative panels will take guests through the weaving process and explain the cultural symbolism contained in textile artworks. Each room has been named after a textile icon, interpreted in accordance with the ancient knowledge possessed by Andean weavers.Read More
Respect for the EnvironmentHotel Respect for the EnvironmentAll team members of the Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco understand the importance of caring for the environment. We do everything possible to limit our consumption of paper and plastics. We have posted notices in all the rooms, inviting guests to reflect upon this issue through the reuse of sheets and towels. The products we use are biodegradable and our garbage is pre-selected in order to assist municipal recycling initiatives. In addition, we have equipped all our standard rooms with 300 ml purified water bottles and the suites with 8-liter purified water bottles, so that our guests will not have to buy water in plastic bottles. In our lobby we have installed a ceramic vessel filled with purified water available free of charge to all our guests. We maintain a stock of low cost sports bottles which our guests can purchase and refill with as much water as they need and carry with them during their activities outside the hotel.Read More
Free InternetFree Internet in the hotelToday’s travelers need to stay connected with the world, and that is why at our hotel we offer high-speed internet access (through optical fiber) free of charge, throughout the communal areas of the hotel and in every room. We also provide two computers with internet access, available for use by those guests who may not have brought their own mobile devices or laptops.Read More





Address Peru:
Tocuyeros 556 Cuesta de San Blas, Cusco - Peru
Telephone numbers:
From desk:  +51 84 237900
Reservations:  +51 84 254852
USA / Canada Toll Free:  +1 888 223 2806
USA / Canada:  +1 (720) 212 - 0761
   +1 (303) 578 - 1125

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