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1. Chiri Uchu:

One of the best known dishes of Cusco; was, it is and will be the cusquenian pottage mostly enjoyed in June during the Corpus Christi.

This dish is a delight. It has ten ingredients and these are: roasted guinea pig, cau cau (egg cup fish), boiled chicken, beef jerky, qochayuyo (seaweed), chorizo, ground white corn, cheese, hot pepper slices and torreja, which for many is a separate dish because of its deliciousness.

It is a dish best served cold, eaten with the hands, and only sold in Cusco on the dates mentioned above. The main point of sale is the Plaza San Francisco in the Historic Center of Cusco. Not far from Casa San Blas Boutique.  Walking is reached in less than 15 minutes.

But you may wonder how this dish is served with many ingredients, as in a whole plate are the small pieces of each ingredient. It is eaten cold combined with fresh ingredients. To find the magic of taste, you should chew a small piece of each, and you won´t resist to another tasting. Many people accompany with a bottle of beer, either blond or the flavor each one prefers. It is quite a treat.


Chiri Uchu Tradiconal


2. Roasted Guinea Pig:

Delicious and ancestral Andean dish, consumed only on holidays and during the planting of corn. For the cuy have a distinctive taste, it was seasoned with a characteristic grass of Cusco, as is the Huacatay. After that the cuy, which acquires an exquisite flavor and fragrance that will make you drool baked.

The cuy is accompanied with potatoes and salad. It is an exotic food of the Peruvian Andes. Most Peruvians got used to take a small glass of Anisado after eating the cuy, just for our stomachache wellness.

Guinea pig meat is highly nutritious, according to recent scientific studies, it was demonstrated that this meat has zero cholesterol and high presence of necessary substances for the development of the human brain such as the AA and DHA


Cuy al Horno


3. Quinoa Soup:

A delicious soup that mixed with some vegetables make the final result totally exquisite. The preparation is simple and rapid. Quite a few restaurants around the historic center of Cusco, sell it. Obviously Quinoa is cool because it is a native plant of Peru. There are many types of quinoa, all have very good properties for brain development and the human body. Do not forget to try it, you will love it!



Sopa Tradicional de Quinua


4. Kapchi-Style Mushrooms:

When the rainy season starts mushrooms abound in this city. The combination of good weather and autumn rains create the appropriate environment for thousands of mushrooms grow in the fields. A perfect time to eat this delicious dish. The mixture with potatoes, beans, cheese, egg, milk and rice that will stay dazzled with our ancestral cuisine.

Capchi de Zetas


5. Corn with Cheese:

Finally you can not miss trying the cusquenian corn with cheese. Not for being the last to mention, it will be the ugliest compared to the other top 4. The best corn in the world is of the Sacred Valley in Cusco. Exactly in the province of Urubamba. Speaking of cheese, in Cusco there is enough fresh cheese, so, visitors can purchase with them easy, ladies engaged in livestock bring their fresh cheese and put on sale in the Central Market of San Pedro, located 2 blocks from the Main Square of Cusco. Only twenty minutes separate you from Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel, the time they reach from one point to another.

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