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San Blas, also known as the artisans’ quarter, is undoubtedly one of the most important attractions within the city of Cusco.

Its narrow cobbled streets, its colonial houses, its church with its wooden pulpit, its workshops, its art galleries, its coffee shops, its restaurants, its people and its colors are a clear example of our miscegenation.

Until the 90s, the main attraction of San Blas were its picturesque streets and artisan workshops.

It was common for children from local schools, at least once a year, to visit the workshops of the Mendivil, Aguayo, Merida and Olave families, as part of their curriculum.

These artists were very illustrious personalities and their art was recognized throughout the city.


Don Hilario Mendivil

He was born in Cusco at the beginning of the twentieth century, was one of the most famous craftsmen in Cusco. His work is known for creating images of saints, virgins and angels with a serene face and long necks.D

Although they are religious works, Don Hilario Mendivil prints on each of his works his personal seal.

Don Hilario died very young, at age of 50, leaving the whole family his legacy: the art of imagery. Today, his workshop and gallery can be visited at the Plazoleta de San Blas 364, Cusco – Peru.



Don Luis Aguayo

This famous artist is one of the main exponents of the art of wood carving. His work reflects traditional landscapes and streets of the city.

Don Luis Aguayo defines himself as an artist passionate about Cusco and therefore puts all his skill in portraying Cusco through his reproduction in miniature streets, landscapes and archaeological remains.

Don Luis’ work has a little more than half a century and also includes canvases. He is a great artist whose works are exhibited in Cuesta del Almirante 266, half a block away from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco – Peru.



Don Edilberto Merida

He was born in the San Cristobal neighborhood. He worked from a very young age as a carpenter until in 1961 when he began to create clay figures with a strongly expressionist style that portray the pain of forced labor of the indigenous.

He was known as the sculptor of the “protest mud”, his works show a deep social content and reflect the daily life and the difficult geographical environment of the Andes.

Within his works, the crucified and suffering Christ are famous, as well as other figures representing the poverty of the land workers in Peru

His daughter, Mrs. Antonieta Mérida follows her legacy. His works are exhibited at Calle Carmen Alto 133 San Blas, Cusco – Peru.



Don Antonio Olave

He was born in Pisaq (Calca – Sacred Valley) in the early twentieth century is probably one of the most famous artists in Cusco.

His work reached international fame for his images of baby Jesus with a sweet face and pink cheeks, but also has other peculiar characteristics: mirror palate, glass eyes and natural hair that have become today the reference of other contemporary artisans.

Don Antonio Olave was known as the «Father of the Child of the Thorn», an image of the Infant Jesus that carries a thorn on one of the feet and a tear of glass finished with surgeon’s precision.

The Olave Art Gallery can be visited at Cuesta de San Blas 651, Cusco – Peru.



At Casa San Blas Boutique we are proud of our cultural manifestations and the work of our great artists, that’s why we recommend visits to these popular art galleries that are within walking distance of our boutique hotel.
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