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Casa San Blas Hotel Boutique Hotel en San Blas habitaciones en cusco

Safety MeasuresCusco is a safe city; however, like anywhere else in the world, travelers are recommended to take normal precautions to avoid problems during their visit.

  • Only carry with you the cash you will need, together with your credit card.

  • Try not to exchange currency with street money changers; exchange bureaus can be found in all main tourist cities and are much more reliable.

  • Never lose sight of your credit or debit card when engaging in a transaction (most businesses have wireless terminals), and try to avoid using credit cards in small establishments (carry cash with you for smaller purchases).

  • When withdrawing cash from an ATM, use machines located inside banks, hotels or shopping malls. Avoid ATMs that are not protected by cabins. ATMs have language options. Do not accept help from strangers you may see around ATMs.

  • If you have valuable items with you, use them discreetly.

  • Please remember that it is not a good idea to wear jewelry in busy areas. It is best to leave valuable objects like jewelry, passports and other items in the hotel safe.

  • Carry your camera, documents and mobile devices in a bag positioned in front of you at all times.

  • Take taxis recommended by the hotel or use well-known taxi companies.

Address Peru:
Tocuyeros 556 Cuesta de San Blas, Cusco - Peru
Telephone numbers:
Reservations:  +51 984 033 770
Whats App: +51 984 033 770

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