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There are andean towns that still preserve their customs, mainly rural places. Andean cultures have developed techniques that are still used now, one of them is the textile art. Since the ancestors, many people around the world indicate that the tissues of the Paracas culture were the best in its field. The textile art of the Paracas is one of the finest and most sophisticated in the world. They are well regarded for their designs, variety of colors, fibers and pigments, and especially the techniques used in its preparation. These looms were used in their famous funeral bundles.


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So these techniques came to the Inca culture, in which people used the same techniques. Because in those days there were no textile industries we know today, they had to resort to the wool of their Andean camelids (llamas, alpacas and vicunas), then use natural pigments and dyeing these fibers. Finally with all these techniques they were weaving their own clothes. The colors were and still are the result of natural pigments extracted from minerals and vegetables. The best woven fibers, garments which would then be used in important rituals and ceremonias.

Talking about the designs, most of the drawings were with geometric shapes, offering original, complex and colorful creations in representing forms of their daily lives. They used to be motifs of flora and fauna.


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Many of these ancient traditions mixed with new technologies and techniques used to fashion; they are today conquer the demands of foreings; in Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco we intend to put our guests in contact with this representative aspect of our culture: the ancient and contemporary textiles. Travelling involves a learning opportunity, in our hotel we combine our hospitality with textile art and make this an experience of a different hotel.

Inside the hotel you will find plenty of Andean textiles, all are from cusquenian Andean communities, because we are determined to support the sustainable development of our region.

Welcome to Casa San Blas Boutique, hotel in Cusco a new way to learn at a themed hotel.


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